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Make it easier on your dental practice by storing digital x-ray files

In most cases digital x-ray machines require less radiation to capture the same image than a traditional film x-ray unit. Digital portable dental x rays machine also has a drastically reduced exposure time in comparison and do not require as many scans to capture the necessary view. Analog x-ray imaging systems are workhorses that continue to produce quality images. However, just as camera lenses have advanced rapidly in the past decade (think about the quality of your camera phone!) so too have portable dental x rays machine sensors. They continue to become sensitive enough to reduce exposure times, while still capturing an image that can be enhanced and altered to best display exactly the information you need to diagnose your patient.

X ray Film Reader with Dental Intraoral Camera Model 3 In 1 MD310

Whereas for film, though their quality is still perfectly adequate, there’s no way to enhance images. With an upgraded portable dental x rays machine, dentists can free up precious space in their office that is being eaten up by their film processing set up, storage of unused film, chemicals and waste material, and all the exposed films taken of patients that you are responsible for. It doesn’t seem like much, but it all adds up quickly. Imagine what your practice would look like without all of this cluttering up your space. You may find that you have enough room for another operatory! It can take several scans before a doctor can confidently and accurately make a treatment plan based on traditional analog film x-rays. And as we’ve already pointed out above, rescanning with a film x-ray is much more of a hassle than a digital x-ray. Digital images obviously are ideal in comparison to storing physical dental laboratory equipment for its each state has its own requirements on how long you store patients’ dental files, but no matter, it is a long time. You’re also responsible for disposing of these files properly.

Portable Handheld Dental X-Ray Unit Imaging System AD-60P

There is no just ‘deleting the files’ with traditional film. Integration with your dental practice management system is a cinch. Digital is unavoidable at this point. Even practices with analog x-ray machines, are now realizing that the best way to manage their files is to upload them into their patient management system. But this takes time away from patients versus having patient files upload automatically on their own. Having these digital records makes referring a patient out to a specialist as easy as sending an email with a file attachment. It’s the 21st century. Your patients expect you to ‘be current.’ At this point, it is an expectation by most patients that their dental units for this uses. As their dental health advisor, it makes more sense to use digital as well. A patient that can instantly see a blown-up view of the decay in their mouth on a screen, is much more likely to agree to proposed treatment.

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How Do You Buy A Dental Chair In The 21st Century?

When buying a dental chair in this time and age, it is important to evaluate the durability of the chairs features for the next 10 years. 10 years is a decent work life for a dental chair, following which replacement should be contemplated. So the build quality and the reliability of the control functions should withstand the test of time and provide results that are acceptable for an adequate duration. The design components of a dental chair determine the comfort, ergonomics and the esthetic value of the dental chair. The following pointers are aimed to help you understand what to look for, from a design standpoint, when planning on purchasing a portable dental chair for sale. The backrest of the dental chair must be wide enough to ensure that the patient has adequate back support, however, it should be slim enough so that the dentist can get closer to the working area without the backrest hindering the movement.

In the case of a wide backrest, the operator is unable to get close enough to the patient which adversely affects visibility, accessibility and ultimately functionality. In the case of a gap between the backrest and the seat, the patients’ lumbar region falls into the gap causing discomfort as a result of compromised lumbar support. This will cause the patient re-adjusting their position during treatment which results in constant interruption. The dental chair headrest is a significant part of the unit that can be used to increase comfort for both the dentist and the patient. For example, the headrest can be removed in the case of the pediatric patient, allowing them to rest their head on the cushion. This offers complete support to the child’s spine while giving the dentist greater accessibility to the oral cavity. It is advisable to ensure that the dental chair has a double articulated headrest which can aid in maximizing visibility to areas with difficulty such as the second and third maxillary molars. In the case of treating patients in a wheelchair, the headrest can be reversed allowing access to it from behind. It has the dental laboratory equipment for diagnostics with the knowledge that many members of your dental health practice many will be oriented to traditional film models. It is always our goal to increase the speed, sharpness and accuracy of your office’s workflow and not to disrupt or disorient your process.

2018 new dlp 3d printer lcd sla 3d printing for dental jewlry wax casting resin

This is why, with all our dental equipments, we strive to seamlessly integrate the old and the new, making certain that our systems function seamlessly in your office without a learning curve, always enhancing the cohesion and productivity of your work environment and never detracting from it. For superior dental radiography choose exam imaging plate system. As the industry’s number one choice for rapid and reliable results, without the possibility of under or overexposure, functions seamlessly, providing a wide array of quality images and providing our users with the highest standard of clinical results in a matter of seconds. Not all dentist offices are created equal.


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